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Buy Now, Save Later: Protect Your Floors with Certified Maintenance

Picture this: you've just installed that beautiful new floor and furniture in your space, giving it a fresh new modern feel. Your employees love it, your clients love it - everyone who walks through your doors loves it - and the next step is to keep it looking this good for years to come!

How are you going to do that? Hire the first floor cleaning crew you find online, trust it to your janitorial contractor who was "low bid," or have somebody’s friend’s coworker’s neighbor come once a week with a vacuum to tidy up?

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Healthy Cleaning for Your Space: 5 Areas to Remember

The sun is shining a little more, and the weather is starting to warm up! It’s time to do a little "Spring Cleaning," and while most focus on tidying up their living room, kitchen, or other areas at home, it’s more important than ever to clean out those spaces where you work, too! Here are our tips for 5 areas within your space that you may want to focus on to keep your space healthy and in tip-top shape:

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Top 5 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You!

Whether you’re away at a conference, on a business trip, or taking care of business at home, we know that there are times when our work leaves our workplace. When out of the office, though, it can become easy to get distracted, lose productivity, and not work as efficiently as we normally might. To help keep us all on track, here are our Top 5 Tips to making your “remote work” work for you!

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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Dear valued partners and colleagues, 

At Continental Office, we are guided by our values, which we call What Matters to Us. These include our associates, clients, community and their health and well-being. With Governor DeWine calling upon businesses to get creative and support him in the effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 via social distancing, we have decided to make some short-term changes to our associate’s work hours in the office. 

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Taking Pride In Your Work and Your Workplace

The way your office looks and feels sends a powerful message. It’s your billboard in Times Square. It’s your Super Bowl commercial, and it broadcasts your story to everyone who walks through your door, especially your employees.

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Old Building Meets New Business: Making Historic Spaces Functional

“Form (ever) follows function” – it’s the mantra that pioneered and championed much of 20th-century architecture and design language, and it means that the design of a building will be reflective of its purpose or function. Focus on the function of the building, and let the design be determined to fit.

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5 Tips to Make Your Floors Last Through the Winter

Warm weather is on the horizon, but winter’s not over just yet! With all the snow, ice, salt, and other mess that winter brings along, this season can be particularly damaging to your floors and dangerous to your space. Check out our 5 tips to make your floors last longer and keep your space safe!

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Is Office Noise Getting You Down?

"Keep it down over there!"

Does noise negatively impact your day in the office environment? While companies continue to build flexible and, often times, open work spaces, workers around the world have begun to worry more about workplace noise. Among their top concerns are things like increased stress over a lack of quiet spaces. Then there's the increasingly unpopular occurrence of being distracted by their coworkers conversations. All valid concerns that affect the ultimate employee experience. 

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Creating a Great Space for a Great Cause

Your space represents the world you live in, and we want to live in a world without cancer. So when Pelotonia realized they were outgrowing their old office, we knew we had to be a part of creating a great space where their team could continue to do great things.

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Concrete Floors: Edgy and Industrial

Edgy, industrial and on everyone's wish list—concrete interiors are a trend that’s here to stay. From perfectly polished concrete floors to coveted concrete kitchen countertops, this trend has silently taken over traditional floor coverings in both residential and commercial settings. It's no surprise just how quickly it has become a sought-after flooring technique by many designers for its wide range of aesthetics and its ease of maintenance.

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