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An Inside Look: The Ohio State University - Graduate School

Designed by miller/watson architects, we were proud to assist with our furniture, flooring, branding, and interior construction teams to help create this beautiful space. This latest collaboration of this can be found in one of the most iconic buildings at The Ohio State University!

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These top WFH products are on a BIG sale now! Here are our favorites:

With so many great work-from-home options out there, it can be tricky to find just what will work best for you and your space! Fortunately, our friends at SitOnIt have made some of their best-selling products even more appealing, and through Continental Office, we're able to bring you a savings of 53%-off with free shipping in just 48 hours!

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2020: A Brand New Era of the Workplace is Here

“Pack up your bags. You’ll be working from home for the next two weeks!”

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Take an Inside Look at DIRTT's Custom Solutions for the City of Dublin

The options and opportunities with DIRTT interior construction are about as limitless as your imagination, and when the City of Dublin needed to build out and create their new City Hall, DIRTT was the perfect solution that gave them the integrated technology and custom look they needed!

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Five Fall Favorites to Stay Festive (& Work Better!)

The leaves are turning from green to a sea of oranges and reds, the nights are getting chillier, and the mornings are getting crisper. Fall is here in full force, and we love taking this time each year to swap out some of our summer décor for a vibrant fall and wintry mix! Whether you're working from home or back in the office, we know our environments, particularly natural elements, play a big role in our productivity and happiness, and we have five of our favorite fall pieces showcased below to keep you going strong:

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5 Tips to Looking Your Best on a Video Call

Whether we're working from home or in the office, one thing is for sure: video conferencing calls are here to stay! As we Zoom our way into this era of working, we can't be caught Slacking on appearance - especially within shot of the camera! Regardless of where you're working, here are our top 5 tips and things to consider that will help you look your best:

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Working from home? Don't forget self-care!

An increasing number of professionals around the world are working remotely (at least part-time) for the near future. Because most employees didn't have the time to prepare for this big change, many of us weren't prepared with the tools we needed to make working remotely efficient. Even if you have moved on from your kitchen table and now have a proper desk and chair, it's important to remember that we all need a bit of time for ourselves and our health (including mental) needs to be a priority. Here's some ways you can get creative with your self-care strategies.

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How To Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle In Returning To The Workplace

The numbers don't lie: your team wants to return to the workplace, at least part-time. Whether it's a hybrid model (as we're seeing with our schools), back in phases, or whatever format fits your needs, we know the office isn't dead, and you're likely planning for a future where your team can collaborative safely together.

But, like many of our clients, you're probably facing some up-hill battles and complexities that don't make your return a breeze. How do you rearrange desks and workstations? Do you put up plexiglass dividers or barriers? How will your team be able to exist and work safely in one space, and what will you do to ensure their safety is above all else?

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4 Ways to Handle the Unused Furniture In Your Space

So, you're taking a look at your workplace, and you're realizing something: now that people are working remotely (part-time or fully), and now that people in the workplace are distanced and separated, you're left with too much furniture for current needs. 

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Here's What To Do With The Unused Furniture In Your Space

Are you going back to the office occasionally, part-time, or in shifts? You may notice something pretty quickly: while the way we work has changed, your office layout hasn't. Unused desks, chairs, tables, conference areas, etc. are plentiful, and even though we're sitting 6+ feet apart from others, empty chairs in-between make us feel a greater distance, a glaring visual reminder of our new normal.

When our work style changes, our workplaces have to adapt accordingly. So... what do we do with the furniture we don't need right now?

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