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Is Office Noise Getting You Down?

"Keep it down over there!"

Does noise negatively impact your day in the office environment? While companies continue to build flexible and, often times, open work spaces, workers around the world have begun to worry more about workplace noise. Among their top concerns are things like increased stress over a lack of quiet spaces. Then there's the increasingly unpopular occurrence of being distracted by their coworkers conversations. All valid concerns that affect the ultimate employee experience. 

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Creating a Great Space for a Great Cause

Your space represents the world you live in, and we want to live in a world without cancer. So when Pelotonia realized they were outgrowing their old office, we knew we had to be a part of creating a great space where their team could continue to do great things.

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Concrete Floors: Edgy and Industrial

Edgy, industrial and on everyone's wish list—concrete interiors are a trend that’s here to stay. From perfectly polished concrete floors to coveted concrete kitchen countertops, this trend has silently taken over traditional floor coverings in both residential and commercial settings. It's no surprise just how quickly it has become a sought-after flooring technique by many designers for its wide range of aesthetics and its ease of maintenance.

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7 Things Healthcare Construction is Avoiding to be Cleaner and Leaner

Currently, the estimated cost of global healthcare construction is about $400 billion. In 2020, the industry is expected to grow more than 4%. This includes projects from cutting edge hospitals to groundbreaking research campuses and even small specialty clinics. Make no mistake, though - while the dollar figure is growing, these new facilities are building leaner and cleaner than ever before.

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Remodel the Right Way: How to Save Time & Money on Your Office Remodel

Whether it’s an aging space, change in company size, a desire for a fresh new look, or any of the many reasons you’d want to change up your space, you probably have a pretty clear idea about why you want to make updates to your office. However, some of the most impactful changes that can be made for your organization often come in some not-so-obvious ways – things that may not yet have even crossed your mind! Read on to check out our tips and tricks about updating your office, and see how we help our clients plan for the future to make their office updates timely, feasible, and tailor-made to create spaces that work and last.

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Overcoming Obstacles with Open Workspaces

There are varying opinions by today’s workers about the “open office” environment. Multiple recent surveys of people in open workspaces found noise, distractions, and lack of privacy and personal space consistently cited as the biggest complaints in this new norm.

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Why Concrete Floors are the SMART Choice


  • Concrete floors are longer-lasting, easier to maintain, and open up a world of design possibilities compared to alternative flooring choices.
  • Polished concrete floors allow for gorgeous designs in just hours, and beautiful epoxy coatings and stains can make any color, design, or style you want within reach!
  • But is this trend headed the way of the dodo bird?
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Surprising Interior Design Trends for 2020

A great interior space considers both physical and human elements. A great interior design professional uses their creative eye to evoke physical emotions and harmonize elements within a space. These three trends are becoming more prevalent than ever, even if they may not be new!

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The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for a client, associate, or even yourself? From laptop stands to the coolest coffee tins, we've got you covered with nine of our favorite additions to any great space.


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The CO Lab: A Case of Collaboration

Earlier this year, we announced an exciting multi-year partnership as the Proud Work Environment Partner of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This partnership is highlighted by the CO Lab, a creative collaboration center and modern meeting room created by our team at Continental Office.

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