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Create, Build, Maintain (CBM):

Services for Every Stage of Your Lifecycle


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  • Space/Occupancy Planning
  • Facility Audit
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  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
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  • Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Move Management
  • Change Communication
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Recycle & Buyback



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Space/Occupancy Planning
Redesign with Safety in Mind

We know the workplace will look a little different to promote a safe, productive environment, but what does that look like for you? Our Design teams are helping you find space & occupancy planning solutions that make sense for your team now and in the future! We're designing and reconfiguring each unique space to fit our clients' needs, all while using the same principles and safety practices to keep everyone and every space as healthy as they can be.

Customized, personalized recommendations that make the most out of your space. We've got you covered!


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Cleaning & Disinfecting

From Product Cleanings to Full Deep Cleanings & Disinfecting services, our range of services are the cleanest, healthiest part of your RTW plan. Our disinfectant is EPA-Approved to kill viruses and bacteria in your space, stopping COVID-19 in its tracks and keeping your team safe!

Unlike other companies, our cleaners are our cleaners, not hired, contracted workers; it's the same great Continental Office team who knows your products and warranties inside and out. That's how we clean your space and its contents with the care and know-how you've come to expect.



Technology driven asset inventory management system

Asset Inventory Management

What if some pieces don't fit into your return to work plan, but you don't want them gone for good? Asset Inventory Management (AIM) helps you keep furniture by storing what you don't need right now in our secure storage facilities and seamlessly returning it when you do! Plus, AIM gives you 24/7 access to the system with up-to-date information, thanks to our technology-driven tools! 

It's the perfect solution if you don't want to part ways with your assets, because you know you'll need them in the future - just not right now. Rather than selling off or donating pieces just to have to re-purchase furniture down the road, store your pieces now to save money, time, and headaches later! Our AIM system lets you keep track of your furniture from afar, protecting it for you and getting it out of the way while you temporarily change your space to better suit your current needs.

Employees now working from home? Empower them by moving their ergonomic furniture from the workplace to their home office, keeping track of it with AIM's data-driven resources, and moved safely by our trained, in-house delivery team!

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Recycle & Buyback
Out with the Old...

Unused furniture clogging up your space? As we adapt to new ways of working, your workplace has to enable and encourage the very best from your team by providing a space that makes more sense for current use!

Our Recycle & Buyback teams are able to help you take down and remove unwanted or unnecessary pieces from your space. We can help you recycle pieces, donate them to an organization in need, or even sell them to put some extra cash in your pocket while making important changes to your space!

No matter the industry, we're helping your space work better for you and your team. Make sense of your space with our Recycle & Buyback services!


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