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What is Experiential Design?


Today's workforce demands creative spaces that attract and nurture the innovation that brings your culture to life. Simply put, experiential design is how people interact with a space in order to gain an understanding of what an organization's brand is all about. It connects people to places.

Surrounding elements create an experience for us as individuals. Those elements can include everything from graphics to three-dimensional design elements constructed and fabricated in such a way that, together, they tell a memorable story. A team of graphic and interior designers working together in unison can project your brand with external and internal messages suited to any space or audience.

To help you gain a better understanding about what experiential design actually entails, take a look at our project images below to see how each conveys an experience for associates and visitors alike.

Oberlin College tells their story through experiential designCombining design elements with printed graphics can weave your story throughout your space.

Lobby signage can set the tone and feel for your entire officeLobby signage can set the tone and feel for your entire office. The sign above uses clean lines and is illuminated, suggesting both a trendy and welcoming office environment.

MSU-8_cleanedBring your walls to life with branded content and powerful images to create excitement around your culture and story.

Incorporate key messaging and brand colors into your spaceIncorporating key brand messaging into your space reinforces integral company verbiage to employees and clients alike. Colors can also tie your brand to your space.

Maximize the use and function of your space with brandingIntertwining your brand into existing architectural elements is a great way to maximize the use and function of your space.

As you can see, there are many ways that organizations can highlight their culture, purpose, and messaging around an office. How will your company incorporate branding into your space?

To learn more about how experiential design can help you, click below:

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