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We specialize in creating spaces that inspire creativity through office furniture, commercial floors, prefabricated interior construction, walls, experiential design, and workplace services.

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We give back with purpose

Your space represents the world you want to live in. Make it a great one.

Because spaces represent the world we want to create, we’re committed to helping our communities prosper and make the world a better space to live in. That’s why we support the following four areas of commitment:

  • Health and wellness
  • Art, education, and creativity
  • Youth and family needs
  • Environmental sustainability

We’re proud to give back to the communities we serve, not just with money and resources, but also talent and time. Through our Cares program, we’ve been able to raise more than $600K for Pelotonia in the fight to end cancer, donated numerous trucks full of furniture to the Central Ohio Furniture Bank, and recycle up to 1 million pounds of flooring and other materials annually. The way we see it, giving back also means looking ahead, and we always strive to be forward thinking, purposeful, and impactful in our communities.

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