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Your Inspiration For Space Reconfiguration Is Here!

More than likely, you're going to have to make some changes to your workplace in order to safely return to the office. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting services, new safety signage and guidelines, and even rearrangement of your space to give 6-foot distances between your workers - they're all ways we're helping our clients get back to the workplace, but what will your unique space look like? How will you make it work in a way that looks great, works well, and doesn't break the bank?

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FREE Ergonomic Assessment: Are You Set Up To Work Your Best From Home?

73% of professionals said they would be more comfortable working from home if they had a better home office setup, according to our recent Return to Work Survey. Products like an ergonomic chair, a sit-to-stand desk, and monitor arms aren't just luxuries or wish-list items - they're the key to working productively, and they're what will keep you working harder, smarter, and longer without strain! But how do you know if your set-up is truly ergonomic?

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Esports Arenas: What They Are, And How We’re Creating Them

The world of Esports Arenas and competitive video gaming may be new to some, but it’s a burgeoning industry that’s only growing in popularity! Esports, or “electronic sports” games, have been around for years, though only recently has their presence in mainstream media (even coverage from outlets like ESPN) grown to such heights – now, a $1+ Billion industry! With all that growth comes spaces designed specifically to foster gaming abilities and competitive events, and that’s where we come into play; let’s dive deeper into more of what these Esports Arenas are and how Continental Office is creating these unique spaces to help them grow!

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Our Disinfectants are Hospital-Grade! Here’s Why That Matters to You:

For over a decade, Continental Office has been not just creating great spaces, but maintaining them, too! From deep, thorough product cleanings (like your carpeting, cubicle panels, chairs, and more) to routine wipe-down cleanings, we know how to keep your spaces sparkling and your teams working their best.

In light of COVID-19, we’re taking a moment to highlight one part of our disinfectant product that holds a lot of weight, especially now: “hospital-grade.” What does that mean for your space, and why would you want to disinfect your space with our hospital-grade product? Here’s what that means:

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6 (and a half) Times We Spotted the Iconic Eames Lounge Chair on TV

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chairs & Ottoman as seen in Continental Office's Downtown Columbus Studio

Like many of you, we may have been watching a little too much TV over the last few months, but we quickly noticed a trend in our favorite shows: Herman Miller furniture is all over the screen! Most notably, we saw the notorious Eames Lounge chair time and time again; one of the most coveted pieces from designers Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Lounge chair has been such a prominent feature of American history that the Library of Congress has preserved and restored historic videos that will help keep the legacy of this and other Eames creations alive for many years to come.

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3 Reasons Why DIRTT Is Your Ticket Back Into The Workplace

Whether you’re planning your return to the office soon or are already there, the workspace lives on with new changes to keep us safe! Safety signage tells us where to go and how to use our new spaces, and reconfiguring furniture and areas helps us keep 6-foot distances, but what about larger changes? In these rapidly changing times, spending the time and money to construct permanent walls and other fixtures turns into an expensive decision that will likely have to change again as time goes on, so what can you do that will help your space (and team) both now and in the future?

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4 Ways We're Making Workspaces 6-Foot Friendly

“6-Foot Physical Distancing” – we’ve heard the term plenty of times, but it’s more important now than ever! Our Return-to-Work plans are evolving, and we’re placing a greater emphasis on carefully controlling and cleaning the workspace to keep our teams as healthy as possible.

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The Most Important Thing to Make "Work From Home" Work for You

For many of us, working from home is a new concept. Perhaps we were occasionally allowed a day here and there to work remotely, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a major shift in attitude surrounding working from home.

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Return to Work Survey Results: Here’s What We Learned

There isn’t one business or industry that’s been unaffected by COVID-19. Though some of us are already going back to the workplace and have adopted a bevy of new guidelines, others are still waiting and working remotely, and many are somewhere in between. To help our clients plan for their own returns and see first-hand just how this pandemic has affected workplace attitudes and work conditions, we launched a Return to Work Survey of working professionals, spanning all industries, sizes, and in multiple states, and the results are in!

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Communicating During COVID-19 with Safety Signage

As restrictions are easing, and workplaces, schools, government facilities, and even retail begin to reopen to some degree, we're all learning how best to adhere to governmental mandates and CDC guidelines so we can reopen. We all know it's not business as usual, but it is getting back to business. So, we're asking ourselves, how do we do that while making our spaces safe in this new reality?

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