Case Study: Glimcher Legacy

This startup company in Columbus, Ohio wanted a loft-like feel in their industrial space. By keeping as much of the building’s timber structure as exposed as possible and bringing in lots of natural light, they were able to keep alive what initially drew them to the space.

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It Doesn’t Get Faster or Easier Than DIRTT Prefab Construction

How long does it take to have something custom-built? Obviously it depends on the product itself, but the larger it is often the longer it takes. What if you could have an entire space custom-built to your needs in less than a month? That’s the power of prefab construction!

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The State of Prefab Construction

A 2018 study from FMI Corporation entitled “New Day, New Mindset: Rethinking Offsite Construction” shows just how dramatically things have changed for prefab construction in the past three years. In fact, 61% of survey respondents think that today’s offsite construction environment (which includes prefab construction) is different than in 2014. The top reasons for this change are the skilled labor shortage on the job site and increasing pressure on both project costs and project schedules.

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What are Innovative Companies Doing Different?

Next to a company’s workforce, the second largest business expense for the vast majority of organizations is their real estate. Yet most organizations approach this expensive investment with a very narrow focus and short-term lens; resulting in spaces that can’t keep up with changing business demands and fail to foster a strong and vibrant culture. This short-term focus explains why the average tenant lease term is only 7 years in North America and is cause for serious concern, as we look to the future of commercial construction.

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6 Signs You Should Be Building Better Interior Construction with DIRTT

DIRTT is a prefabricated construction solution that helps you build better regardless of industry. It's an approach to interior construction that allows you to customize aesthetic, technological, and application specific layers so your space reflects your needs.

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Is it Time for an Alternative to Drywall?

 A Brief History of Drywall

The U.S Gypsum Company invented drywall in 1916. It was originally called "Sackett Board," named after the Sackett plaster board company. At first, it was sold in the form of small, fireproof tiles. However, within a few years it transformed into multi-layer gypsum and paper sheets. In less than a decade, it became the drywall we're familiar with today - a single layer of compressed gypsum between two sheets of heavy paper.

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Why Flexible Construction Works For Office Spaces

Today when most people speak about flexible office spaces, they're commonly referring to the new trend of coworking spaces or shared offices. While traditional office space can get overlooked when we say the word "flexible", traditional space is often the right solution for both new and established businesses.

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What You Should Know About Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is one of the world's most used and talked about but least understood words. What it means to be called sustainable can often be clouded or misinterpreted, because it's so widely used. For most, it's the preservation of the environment, and building better by reducing the number of resources required. To some it goes as far as social progress to stable economic growth and the elimination of poverty.

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Construction Costs: Can You Ever Be Certain?

A lot of tools and resources exist to help general contractors estimate construction costs. In fact, there are so many that it can get a little confusing. Here are just a few that we found after doing a quick search: 2017 Assemblies Cost Data, 2017 Building Construction Cost Data, 2017 Commercial Renovation Cost Data, 2017 Concrete and Masonry Cost Data, 2017 Facilities Construction Cost, 2017 Facilities Maintenance and Repair Cost Data, 2017 Green Building Cost Data, 2017 Interior Cost Data, Markup & Profit, A Contractor's Guide, and the list goes on and on.

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Staying on a Construction Schedule: A Case Study

Whether you're the one building it or the one who's working in it once complete, most of us have asked ourselves, "How do I stay on schedule with my construction project?" Remember our post about the future of construction? In it we learned the 3 things most say after a construction project is done are:

  1. It took longer than I thought.
  2. It cost more than I thought.
  3. The quality isn't as high as I'd anticipated.
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