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We specialize in creating spaces that inspire creativity through office furniture, commercial floors, prefabricated interior construction, walls, experiential design, and workplace services.

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Experience with an edge

To us…it’s so much more than just a space.

Since 1939, we’ve been creating memorable experiences through the delivery of intentional spaces so our clients and partners are inspired to change the way they work and think. We’re experts in delivering customized solutions based on your business goals. Our three-phase creative process ensures that we address every detail so we deliver the best furniture, floors, concrete finishes, prefab construction, branding, and services every time.

We’re a team of 240+ creative problem solvers who bring new ideas to life through industry expertise and collaboration in our three locations: Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Toledo. By challenging ourselves to influence meaningful change, we help our clients and partners positively affect their bottom line. That’s why we push ourselves to explore new possibilities and generate customized solutions to any problem. This resourceful approach to how we work allows us to find solutions others can’t.

The bottom line is - great spaces only matter if they work. And, we know that even the most inspiring spaces are only as great as the ideas that are created inside them and the purpose they serve. At Continental Office, all it takes to make something incredible is vision, purpose, and the space to bring it to life.

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Workplace Flexibility & Choice

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