The Future of Work: Visualized

What does tomorrow's workplace actually look like? We've heard from leaders and read the research (including our own!) to help answer that question, but with greater technology coming every day and a better understanding of our current environment, we're doing the same thing that our workplaces of tomorrow must do: adapt.

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Working from home? Don't forget self-care!

An increasing number of professionals around the world are working remotely (at least part-time) for the near future. Because most employees didn't have the time to prepare for this big change, many of us weren't prepared with the tools we needed to make working remotely efficient. Even if you have moved on from your kitchen table and now have a proper desk and chair, it's important to remember that we all need a bit of time for ourselves and our health (including mental) needs to be a priority. Here's some ways you can get creative with your self-care strategies.

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Return to Work Survey Results: Here’s What We Learned

There isn’t one business or industry that’s been unaffected by COVID-19. Though some of us are already going back to the workplace and have adopted a bevy of new guidelines, others are still waiting and working remotely, and many are somewhere in between. To help our clients plan for their own returns and see first-hand just how this pandemic has affected workplace attitudes and work conditions, we launched a Return to Work Survey of working professionals, spanning all industries, sizes, and in multiple states, and the results are in!

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Communicating During COVID-19 with Safety Signage

As restrictions are easing, and workplaces, schools, government facilities, and even retail begin to reopen to some degree, we're all learning how best to adhere to governmental mandates and CDC guidelines so we can reopen. We all know it's not business as usual, but it is getting back to business. So, we're asking ourselves, how do we do that while making our spaces safe in this new reality?

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Returning to Work: 3 Ways to Create Safer, Healthier Spaces

COVID-19 has turned the traditional workplace on its head. As organizations around the world return to work, they’re seeing and planning changes for nearly every area of their space; from desk and workstation reconfigurations to common rooms, restrooms, and more, organizations are finding new ways to keep employees healthy, safe, and at least six feet apart from each other throughout the day.

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How Will You Return to Work?

Many of us have been working from home for the past couple of months. As states begin to open up and local governments release plans to return to the office environment, a lot of us have questions about what that looks like and what we need to do to get back into our spaces safely.

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Keeping Your Culture: 5 Ways We’re Maintaining Employee Experience

There’s no denying it: these trying times have put a serious strain on company cultures. Working from home and self-isolation have created a naturally anti-social environment, and while many organizations are working hard to keep employees connected and engaged, more efforts than ever are necessary to bridge the gaps and try to give our teams the same culture they had previously experienced.

Here are five of our tactics to try and keep our company engaged and our culture consistent, and here’s how they’re working:

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Continental Office, from A to Z

From furniture and flooring to branding and interior construction, we’re experts at creating great spaces in every way! With so many different things Continental Office can do for your space, we’ve broken down each letter of the alphabet to celebrate what makes us such a unique company in our industry. Can you guess what each letter represents? Click below to jump to each letter and find out!

B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

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Is Office Noise Getting You Down?

"Keep it down over there!"

Does noise negatively impact your day in the office environment? While companies continue to build flexible and, often times, open work spaces, workers around the world have begun to worry more about workplace noise. Among their top concerns are things like increased stress over a lack of quiet spaces. Then there's the increasingly unpopular occurrence of being distracted by their coworkers conversations. All valid concerns that affect the ultimate employee experience. 

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What You Should Know About Workplace Wellness

How to Foster Wellness in the Workplace

Employees who are physically active have lower healthcare costs, require less sick leave, and are more productive at work, according to a report prepared by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. There is no “one size fits all” program, but there are several ways to foster wellness for employees. It starts with a positive company culture, followed by the physical space and environment, and then reinforcing healthy habits and lifestyles.

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