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Herman Miller's Headway Tables Are Making Today's Meetings Possible


Herman Miller Headway Office Table Columbus OH Continental Office

Technology – it’s always getting bigger and better, more powerful, and more impactful on how we live and work. With whole-room video conference capabilities, increased WiFi usage and more powerful internet needs, and so many integrated tech tools at our disposal, we’re making work areas and meeting spaces more connected than ever! However, these advancements often come at a price.

To make this tech work in existing spaces, rooms are often retrofitted with cables cluttering a table, visible power strips everywhere, exposed hardware, and other tech elements that detract from the design of the room. Further, these cables can pose trip hazards, causing a safety concern in any space, which begs the question: "With tech only becoming a larger part of our work in the future, how can we create beautiful spaces that also keep us powered and connected?"

Herman Miller Headway Office Table Columbus OH Continental Office

Meet the Headway Conference Table by Herman Miller. With integrated power supplies built right into the table, extension cords, power strips, and messy cables are a thing of the past! What makes Headway tables more than just powerful, though, is their adaptability. Standard outlets are an option, as are USB inputs, HDMI and other connectivity inputs, and every sort of tech element that your unique space needs to be as integrated as possible!

Herman Miller Headway Office Table Columbus OH Continental Office

Headway 1

Discreetly underneath the table is an ingenious cable management system that keeps cables and power supplies out of sight and out of the way, leading from the top of the table all the way to what might just be the best feature of the entire table: the hidden cabinet base legs. These legs are as beautiful as they are functional, allowing for hidden storage of routers, WiFi extenders, power supply units, and so much more! These cabinet base legs allow you to keep the tech tools you need easily accessible, rather than stored far away in a server room or closet. Whether your meeting involves other people in the room, the building, the state, or beyond, Headway's integrated technology makes powerfully connected work... work!

Herman Miller Headway Office Table Columbus OH Continental Office

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