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The Future of the Workplace, Seen by Future Leaders


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The workplace as we know has been changing even prior to the pandemic. Over the last decade, we’ve seen changes in style, design, form, and even type of space to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s workers. Flexible workplaces have grown in popularity, and flexible desk options have enabled the integration and collaboration of departments like never before. What, then, will tomorrow bring?

In February of 2020, we sat down with our college interns through our partnership as the Preferred Furniture Sponsor of The Ohio State University, gathering their thoughts and predictions for tomorrow’s workplace. Now, one year later, see how some of their thoughts have been adopted into our current daily working reality (such as working from home/remotely), and see what else they predict for the future of the workplace! Here’s what they had to say:

How do you see the traditional workplace evolving?

Branding Intern (BI): I see the workplace evolving to become a hub of creative collaboration and positive energy. I believe that people are most productive when they are both physically and mentally comfortable. Working in a space that feels like you belong is becoming more and more important. Workplace diversity and inclusivity are more than buzz words, they are the new reality.

Design Intern (DI): At the rate that workplaces are evolving already, I see them being drastically different within the next 5-10 years. I believe that remote working will become increasingly more common, causing not only a shift in the environment of traditional workplaces but transitioning to bringing the workplace to homes. Things like home offices and workplace “hubs” will pop up more often to give remote workers various destinations to work and collaborate.

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Do you see open-concept spaces staying, leaving, or evolving?

BI: Open concept spaces are here to stay. The future office space has easy sight-lines to promote collaboration amongst co-workers. Open spaces can remove visual hierarchy between different teams, and it makes everyone feel comfortable to contribute to the conversation.

DI: I believe open concept offices are beneficial, if done correctly. A space that is completely open and providing no privacy causes employees to focus more on staying hidden rather than being extroverted. An open space with different environments (personal, collaborative, private) allows employees to choose their environment based off their specific needs for the time. I feel future offices will branch away from cubicles and adapt an open atmosphere with numerous environments suited for various forms of collaborative and personal work.

Describe the office of tomorrow, from your perspective:

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