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The Importance of Finding a Workplace Partner You Can Trust Throughout Your Commercial Property Lifecycle


We talked recently about when to bring a furniture provider into the commercial real estate (CRE) process. It’s not only wise to bring this kind of provider into the CRE process early, but a holistic workplace environment partner you can trust throughout the duration of your commercial property lifecycle. Throughout the property lifecycle there’s a continual need to work with many partners, from groundbreaking to occupancy and other matters for years to come. No matter what stage of the lifecycle you’re in, whether it’s the acquisition, design, build, or maintenance of your property, your workplace partner should be there to support you every step of the way.

A 2017 Commercial Real Estate Outlook by Deloitte states that real estate companies will need to reinvent their strategies in 2017 to respond to changes in the built environment. When acquiring real estate, many people are involved in the process including tenant brokers, landlord brokers, and architects, to name just a few. Adding a workplace partner to round out this dream team allows you to have a conversation about the space and determine how best to design, build, and utilize it as it continues to evolve. Having a trusted partner by your side that’s an expert in space planning ensures you develop a proper project budget for things like furniture, delivery/installation, and future workplace services. Not to mention, they can help to pinpoint overall costs per square footage (which can factor into the Tenant Improvement allowances).

During the design stage of the CRE process, a workplace partner can help you to create a productive, healthy, and forward-thinking environment. The Deloitte outlook suggests considering things like the influence of technology advancements and changing consumer preferences during the CRE process. Concepts like the Living Office and Live OS are changing the way we think and work today. Being open to adopting new technologies and innovations and investing in tools and talent will go a long way in creating an environment that adapts quickly to change.

During the build phase, a workplace partner can provide you with layouts, space plans, and visual renderings of the prospective space. Take it a step further and imagine setting foot into your space with the help of virtual reality. Here the design and any changes made can be seen in real time, allowing you to save time and maintain cost certainty. And just as in the design phase, during the build you can make it flexible for the future with prefabricated interior construction, where even your walls can adapt to fit the needs of your space over time.

Last but certainly not least, a workplace partner can help you to maintain your property by becoming an extension of your team and providing you with services that maximize your investment. By helping with procurement, asset inventory management, or even Occupied Workplace Logistics, your trusted partner can ensure full asset utilization within your workplace environment.

Make sure your chosen workplace partner will stand by you long after a tenant moves in.

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