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Is Your Healthcare Space Ergonomically Friendly?


In the world of healthcare, it’s important to consider the holistic experience. That’s why healthcare facilities today are creating environments designed with a compelling selection of settings across the entire health system. Still, there’s a greater need for ergonomic solutions in these spaces, whether that’s providing flexible seating options in the waiting room or sit-to-stand solutions for staff members. Here are three additional ways to make your healing spaces more ergonomically friendly.

Healthcare facilities today have taken on a more spa-like or hospitality type feel

Design for patients. A great way to figure out where you can better incorporate ergonomics into your healthcare facility is by first asking patients and their families. Do they prefer to sit upright or recline? How do furniture or even flooring options affect their healthcare experience? Understanding how your patients feel in your space ensures that you’re offering a variety of settings and choices for them to choose from to help make them comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Design for healing. Healthcare facilities today have taken on a more spa-like or hospitality type feel. When the environment feels more like home, it helps healing happen faster. Make sure your color palette is calming and you’re bringing in lots of natural light. Don’t forget about your staff either, especially those working on a computer. Studies show that correct screen position (with the help of a monitor arm), good sitting posture, and appropriate lighting make work easier on eyes and put ergonomic support right where it’s needed.

Design for the long haul. Take a walk through your space and look for existing or potential ergonomic problems. Are chairs in good repair, with vinyl upholstery that’s in tip-top shape? Does the furniture adequately support those who use it? For the long haul? When adding or replacing inventory, remember that offering a good option doesn’t always mean it’s going to be the cheapest option. Make choices that hold up, are safe and will pass inspections, and that allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

A healthy space is something we can all get on board with!