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Offices as Art


Have you ever thought about your furniture as artwork? What about extra details like plants, dishware, or even coat racks? Your office is a work of art and those visiting have an experience that uses all five senses. Your office should tell your story and emanate your culture, as well as be inviting to those who step inside. Legendary furniture designers, Ray and Charles Eames, pioneered entertaining as art and understood the value of carefully selecting each object in a room, from the table to the trashcan. You can apply the Eames way of thinking to your own space and allow every visitor to leave your space with a unique and positive experience.

Make visitors feel comfortable

Those visiting your office should feel right at home. Provide comfortable seating in your main lobby for those who will be waiting. Offer company news for them to read or watch on a lobby TV. Offer a selection of healthy beverages and snacks. Make your guests feel appreciated and at ease, just as you like to feel when you’re a visitor yourself.

Details, details, details

Fresh flowers can brighten up a space. Candles can make a room smell fragrant. Phone and laptop charging stations allow visitors to stay connected and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing design. Don’t allow your space to become cluttered and messy over time. Put careful thought into the details your guests will see and interact with.

Throw in some surprises

Wow your visitors with unexpected extras. You can install bike racks outside your entrance. Or a fireplace inside for colder months. At the end of their stay, you can give away something your guests have been using during their visit, like notepads or coffee mugs. Get creative! The possibilities are endless and the impact it can have will stay with your clients long after they leave your doors.

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