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Why You Should Make the Switch from Conventional to Manufactured Construction


Drywall has been the key material for building interiors for over 100 years. And in the past century, interior construction hasn’t evolved like most other industries…at all. Change is good, and technology has driven much of that change. So why not use technology to manufacture interior solutions, such as DIRTT, and transform the construction industry? Using forward-thinking ICE technology, DIRTT produces real-time design, pricing, and material specifications, and creates an interactive, 3D experience for customers. It brings your space into the 21st century.

With time your needs will change. Your space should be able to adapt and grow along with these needs without a lot of aggravation. Whether your space changes in size, branding needs refreshed, or technology is added, DIRTT solutions enable the freedom to do so. DIRTT uses video game technology to build flexible interior construction, so that your space can flex with the times and unique needs of your organization. Drywall can’t do that. Not without inconvenience, mess, and time.

In addition to its cutting-edge design process and extreme flexibility, DIRTT saves you time and money. Imagine building and relocating walls quickly and efficiently, without getting plaster all over the place. You can lower your labor costs, resources, and waste, while using a solution that is sustainable and healthier for the environment. Quite simply, DIRTT’s design and manufacturing technology allows you to Build Better.

Step into the modern world of construction. When it comes to (re)designing your space, do it right this time with DIRTT!

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