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Interior and Graphic Designers: Two Peas in a Pod


Spearheading the design of the most dynamic spaces today are two seemingly unlikely partners: interior designers and graphic designers. In the past, it was less common to see these two roles working side-by-side. That’s quickly changing as companies look to create holistic workspaces that provide a consistent experience – from their website presence down to the design details found in their physical space. It starts with getting all designers on the same page, regardless of whether they’ll be working on floor plan layouts or environmental graphics.

Space should always serve a function. Great spaces align function with form and messaging. It’s something that must be thought about and considered early on in the space planning and design process – how do your furniture and floors work alongside your branding? If you fail to consider all parts and pieces of your space as a cohesive unit, it will likely fall short – failing to connect the dots and provide an exceptional experience. Without a clear image portrayed, your identity can become confusing.

This is why interior and graphic designers are a winning partnership. When interior designers are dreaming up a space, they should already be thinking about how branding can add value to that space. Likewise, when a graphics team is dreaming up how branding will play out in a workspace, they should be cognizant of how everything, from the ground up, will look, feel, and fit together. It’s best for these two teams to engage as early as possible. The sad reality is that most interior designers don’t have direct access to a graphics team and vice versa. As a result, both risk becoming an afterthought for a lot of organizations. Those that embrace this design duo will be ahead of the curve.

If you want your visitors to feel your brand and your associates to live it, you have to tell your story and tell it well throughout your space. From your furnishings to your artwork, your space is only as complete as it is complementary.

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