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You'll Be Floored to Know What Floors Can Do


While it may not seem like it on the surface, floors are a critical component of our lives. If you think about it, we interact with them on a daily basis. Not only do they affect us physically, but did you know they can influence our mood and behavior? For example, you can warm up a space with carpet or carpet tile, making people feel comfortable and at home. When chosen carefully and installed correctly, commercial flooring can create the ideal space for associates and clients. That’s why it’s important to really consider what you’re investing in your floors.

Studies show that commercial businesses change their flooring once every 10-12 years. Not to mention, they cover 100% of your space. It’s a large investment and working with professionals who can provide deep industry knowledge, full service ability, and a superior overall experience will help you to make the most of it. The more complex the project is the more important it is to have the right flooring partner by your side, one who can be there every step of the way from the planning stage through installation and beyond.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your floors:

  • Durability – consider foot traffic patterns and ease of maintenance
  • Cost – not just your initial investment, but the total cost for the life of your floors
  • Moisture control – moisture has the potential to ruin flooring so conducting a moisture test prior to installation is crucial
  • Lifecycle – a full service flooring contractor, as opposed to a flooring installer, handles the entire flooring project, from planning to management, estimating, logistics, storage needs, and more
  • Movement – encouraging movement across floors throughout the day is key to a happy and healthy organization
  • Style – your floors speak volumes about you internally and externally, so make sure they match your message

Even though they’re under our feet, we shouldn’t overlook floors. A flooring investment requires you to consider budget, foot traffic, appearance, comfort, care, maintenance, and much more. But by doing your research and ensuring you’re working with an experienced and trusted company, you can ease your concerns and ensure you make the right decision.

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