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Branding Deconstructed


Every company has a brand. But the term "branding" can have various meanings depending on the context and setting. When an agency or company offers "branding", it may only be referring to certain aspects of branding. That's why selecting a branding firm can be complicated. One way to simplify it is to understand branding can be broken into two main parts: brand definition and brand experience. Historically, most agencies have focused on helping organizations define their brands. This includes brand identity elements like logos, color palettes, graphic design elements, and typography. In addition, it includes your brand messaging, tone, and personality. All of these are crucial in creating a well-defined brand.

As consumers/clients, we have come to expect great branded experiences. However, companies are really starting to become more cognizant of the importance of creating powerful, branded experiences.  A great brand experience could occur on a website, by reading a brochure, or any tangible marketing tactic. But these tactics alone won't create an authentic, well-rounded experience.

Today, with so much information coming at us constantly, it's become table stakes to create a compelling branded environment and experience. This is when you use your physical space to tell a story that engages your audiences. It breaks through all of the clutter on our phones, tablets, and computers to engage people in the space. While it can be a major initiative, if you already have a well-defined brand it makes for a pretty turnkey project. 

"Today, with so much information coming at us constantly, it's become table stakes to create a compelling branded environment and experience."

It's important to note that, while it can be turnkey, there's nothing cookie-cutter about creating branded environments. And every project for every client is unique. Even if a company has multiple locations that they want to brand in a consistent way, no two spaces are exactly the same. All branding projects require their own strategy for design, fabrication, production, and installation. 

    Environmental Design at Hopewell in Columbus, Ohio

All in all, you won't find a branding solution on a shelf or in a catalog. It's a solution that encompasses a lot of design. For us, our solutions come from the unique collaboration of graphic designers and interior designers working together. We look at projects from a wide lens that includes the company's brand, interior design, furniture, flooring, and how to complement it all. In doing so, it ensures a holistic solution every step of the way. It's how the magic happens. 

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