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What You Should Know When Selecting Workplace Seating


When it comes to workplace furniture, there are a variety of choices that serve different comfort and style functions. Whether you need a chair for a visitor who sits a while or for an associate who sits most of their day, determining the best solution for your situation is easier when you know what to look for when choosing the right chair for work.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting workplace seating:

  • Understand the work your associates do. The type of work people do and the lifestyle they live influences what type of chair they need. Are they on their feet most of the day or are they at their desk on a computer? Each of these requires different levels of support.
  • Remember that not all chairs are created equal. Depending on the preferences of associates, some seating options may prove to be more beneficial than others. Some chairs are designed for lower back support while others work to straighten the spine. Others still are purely aesthetic, simply serving as eye candy. Also know that changes in posture over time can result in the need for a chair that flexes as well.
  • Ask how the seat addresses ergonomic concerns. One of the important, but often overlooked, features of seating is how it supports the human body to reduce injury and pain while seated. When you are considering purchasing a new chair, ask for a demonstration on how an associate can adjust the seat to fit their needs.

Depending upon your workforce, there may be additional items to consider when selecting workplace seating. Be sure to take the time to discover what product features your associates need and want to support them during the work day, so you can eliminate frustrations due to poor seating options.

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