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Humanizing Healthcare Construction


We’ve all been there – sitting in a hospital room with a clinical design that’s as sterile as the room itself. It doesn’t ease tensions or improve dispositions, and the cost to renovate and innovate keeps it from being a space that fosters recovery. How can we build hospital rooms that change everything from the bottom line to a lifeline? The answer is one you might not have considered before but is literally built right into the walls. Prefab construction humanizes the patient experience.

Did you know that a traditional construction project initially estimated to cost $25 million will actually cost $100 million throughout its lifetime?

The innovative versatility that prefabricated construction offers along with materials that have the flexibility and durability to stand the test of time and narrow budgets, pushes us to think outside the box – and outside the conventional walls of a hospital room. It’s about building intentional, low-cost spaces that convey the fundamental elements of care. And that is precisely what prefab construction companies in the healthcare sector, companies like DIRTT, can do.

Did you know that a traditional construction project initially estimated to cost $25 million will actually cost $100 million throughout its lifetime? There’s a better way to build for healthcare. With prefab construction you can vastly reduce future operations costs and downtime needed for ongoing maintenance. You can prepare and receive quotes three times faster and spend 45% less time on construction schedules. It’s installed rather than built on-site and arrives with electrical, med gases, and plumbing chases in one place. It’s dust-free with no material waste. This results in 3-4 week lead times so you can continue to bring in revenue with minimal patient disruption. And projects are delivered in 4-6 weeks instead of 12.

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Healthcare construction doesn’t have to be a battle of concessions – giving up this for that. DIRTT allows you to incorporate a more inviting, intentional, people-centric design into your hospital while significantly reducing cost and timelines. Total cost is spent on product – not labor. DIRTT excels in areas like:

  • Patient-centered design
    • DIRTT’s holistic approach takes into account patient demographics and facility situations along with medical needs. It’s a design built to support healing.
  • Ongoing adaptability
    • Access to the wall cavity lets you integrate, maintain, and update furniture, technology, and equipment with little dust, disruption, and downtime.
  • Infection prevention
    • Design details and hospital-grade finishes help to reduce infection transfer and sterilize touch points, which supports disinfection protocols for a healthy environment.

When you play in DIRTT, you have the freedom of choice. Prefab construction gives you complete control. It’s a completely different way to build healthcare environments that puts humans first. So dig in!

How can we humanize healthcare construction?