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Kelly has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial interior architecture industry working as an interior designer, project manager, and construction administrator. She is interested in educating the A&D community and clients about the sustainability, cost, schedule, and design benefits of prefab construction.

Humanizing Healthcare Construction

We’ve all been there – sitting in a hospital room with a clinical design that’s as sterile as the room itself. It doesn’t ease tensions or improve dispositions, and the cost to renovate and innovate keeps it from being a space that fosters recovery. How can we build hospital rooms that change everything from the bottom line to a lifeline? The answer is one you might not have considered before but is literally built right into the walls. Prefab construction humanizes the patient experience.

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Why Healthcare Facilities are Building Better and What You Need to Know

Consumerism and patient influence on healthcare facilities is growing. According to Health Facilities Management and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association's 2016 Hospital Construction Survey, more than 86% of survey respondents said that patient satisfaction is "very important" in driving design changes in health facilities and/or services. The survey also reported that 63% of respondents stated they include the public in the design process.

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How DIRTT's ICE® Melts Construction Timelines and Cost Uncertainty

A Video Game for Design

We had such a great response to our post, What Will Construction Look Like in 30 Years?, that we wanted to answer your questions and tell you a bit more about how and why ICE® software by DIRTT is changing the construction industry.

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