Which Kind of Flooring is Really Best for My Space?

Talisman Capital's combination LVT and carpeted flooring

The world of flooring for commercial use has exploded in recent years! There seem to be unlimited options when it comes to looking for the right fit for your space, and with so many choices, it can become overwhelming to find the perfect material to suit your needs (not to mention the color, cut, and design!)

We sat down with a member of our flooring team to get the inside scoop on what materials and finishes are currently trending. Using their insight, we were able to formulate a guide of some of the hottest floors offered (with some extra nuggets of knowledge to streamline your flooring journey!) Whether it's the most durable or the most beautiful, we've outlined the 5 most popular flooring options in spaces today - sometimes with a few of them combined together in one space - so come along with us and learn what makes each of them so unique:

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M/I Homes is Bringing Resimercial to Life in their Stunning New Space

In August of 2018, M/I Homes began construction on their new resimercial space. Construction was slowed a bit with the pandemic, but they were able to move in over the past summer.

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Buy Now, Save Later: Protect Your Floors with Certified Maintenance

Picture this: you've just installed that beautiful new floor and furniture in your space, giving it a fresh new modern feel. Your employees love it, your clients love it - everyone who walks through your doors loves it - and the next step is to keep it looking this good for years to come!

How are you going to do that? Hire the first floor cleaning crew you find online, trust it to your janitorial contractor who was "low bid," or have somebody’s friend’s coworker’s neighbor come once a week with a vacuum to tidy up?

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How Floor Maintenance Affects Your Lifestyle

You drive your car around every day, mile-after-mile. And to keep it running smoothly, you need to take care of it—to get under the hood. No matter the make or model, it’s routine to get your oil changed in order to get where you’re going with ease.

But what would happen if you didn’t change your oil, or even changed it incorrectly?  The same principle applies to your commercial floors. Choosing a regular floor maintenance program might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you purchase your commercial floors, but it’s the secret to keeping them looking good and performing their best for years to come. 

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A Cold, Hard Look at Concrete

Over the past decade, polished concrete has been slowly disrupting the commercial floors industry and for good reason. Namely, it’s aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and easy to maintain. It’s at least a $300 million industry today.

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Floor Maintenance Philosophies

There are two philosophies when it comes to floor maintenance. The first is to maintain floors on a regular basis. The second is reactionary – when floors start to look less than ideal, a cleaning crew is rushed in to get it back to tip-top shape only to watch its condition begin to deteriorate again. The truth is, proactively maintaining floors is always better than reacting to wear and tear or worse, a catastrophe. When you have a scheduled maintenance program in place, whether it's quarterly, monthly, or even weekly, you’ll actually save more time and money and be better off in the long run.

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You'll Be Floored to Know What Floors Can Do

While it may not seem like it on the surface, floors are a critical component of our lives. If you think about it, we interact with them on a daily basis. Not only do they affect us physically, but did you know they can influence our mood and behavior? For example, you can warm up a space with carpet or carpet tile, making people feel comfortable and at home. When chosen carefully and installed correctly, commercial flooring can create the ideal space for associates and clients. That’s why it’s important to really consider what you’re investing in your floors.

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Case Study: Pointview Elementary School

Pointview Elementary, part of Westerville City Schools, wanted to bring all of their students closer together by doing something new and exciting. They decided to create a unique and fun learning environment that would spark their students' creativity. After gathering input from students through personal interviews and drawing inspiration from a water tower behind the school, they enlisted our help to create an ocean-themed floor that brings sea creatures and other treasures to life.

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Case Study: Ohio Statehouse

Over 20 years in the making, a recent floors project of ours has an interesting backstory. The Ohio Statehouse needed new carpet in both the House and Senate chambers. Back in the 90s, we installed a custom woven carpet in both, designed by a historical/architectural consultant to replicate what the carpet had looked like in the Statehouse in the 1800s. As with all flooring investments, the time had come to update the carpet. But this time, instead of bringing it into the 21st century, it had to stay true to the original 19th century design.

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3 Tips for Weather-Proofing Your Floors

Let’s face it… the dirt starts right at your front door. Leaves, rain, snow, salt, asphalt crack filler. It’s easy to think you’ll keep it outside where it belongs, but it’s harder to actually put that into practice, unless maybe you have an air-lock vestibule as an entrance. So how do you protect your floors from the year-round elements? Here are some tips.

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