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How to Successfully Recruit Talent (Within a Budget)


In the world of athletics, just as much as in the world of business, recruiting top talent is of high importance. You can’t have a successful company, or team, without the best players. But recruitment isn’t easy, and it can be downright difficult if the look and feel of your space doesn’t resonate with your potential recruits. So how does one put their best foot forward?

This is where a branded environment comes into play, turning your space into a memorable and impactful experience for all who set foot inside your walls. Detailed below are three projects the Continental Office branding team has recently completed in athletic facilities across the Midwest. Each came with their own unique set of challenges and solutions, but the end results have helped these higher education institutions to build their dream team without breaking the bank.

University of Findlay

The University of Findlay had an outdated space and was having trouble staying top-of-mind with athletic recruits who visited Croy Arena. In addition, the athletics department had a tight budget and wanted to make upgrades that were cost-prohibitive. Through innovative design and production techniques, we were able to work around these obstacles and provide a winning space. By creating a graphic design that incorporated the look of their wood floor and applying it to the walls, we simulated real wood at a fraction of the cost. This gymnasium now creates excitement and leaves a lasting first impression on visitors.

Oberlin College

Oberlin College was displaying a Hall of Fame wall with some pictures dating back to the early 1900’s. Many of these photographs had faded almost completely and the wall had become an eyesore. Our team removed, scanned, and reproduced over 250 images and distributed them onto metal plaques and two interactive flat screen displays that allow visitors to read additional details of these players’ athletic history. Other upgrades to the area around this unique wall include the addition of wall graphics, graphic panels, and modern multidimensional banners in place of old cloth ones.

Michigan State University

Potential football recruits who come to Michigan State University's Spartan Stadium enter through Gate G. On the outside, this gate looked good. But on the inside, it was a very different, drab story. The goal was to create an impression on recruits that would help them to come away from their visit seeing themselves as coveted Spartan Football Players. Our creative group went to work creating oversized graphics of the MSU team on the walls to depict the team’s infectious spirit. Using the MSU style guide, we were able to maximize the visual impact of the MSU brand and turn visitors into team members.

No matter the size of your space or the size of your budget, branding can help you take your space to the next level, and win the game.

Watch the video below to see project photos from the University of Findlay, Oberlin College, and Michigan State University. 

Take your space to the next level!