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How are Millennials Molding the Future Workplace?


Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America. A recent study conducted by Dell and Intel, called the Future Workforce Study, found that Millennials are greatly shaping the workplace. Technology, the physical space, and even virtual reality are all playing an increasingly important role in workspaces today, and are shaping what’s to come. It’s predicted that traditional office design will someday become extinct.

Only time will tell how workplaces will mold to fit the generations to come. In the meantime, we spoke with associates from each of our locations who, as Millennials, are shifting the way we think and work today. We asked them five questions about what they expect in a changing workplace environment.

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What's important to you in a workplace environment?

Kayla (Designer, Pittsburgh) said, “It’s important that my company stays up-to-date with the times and trends, and that they match what’s going on around them, especially in the physical space.” Yasameen (Designer, Toledo) is big on flexibility. “I like that if I need to be in a quiet area, I can take my laptop off its dock and go work somewhere other than my desk. If I’m sick, I can work from home and still have easy access to all of the files I need.”

How important is it for you to have flexible spaces to work?

A report by PwC, Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace, found that 21% of Millennials surveyed believe providing flexible working arrangements make for an attractive employer. “It’s nice to have a change of scenery and move around where you need to work, as well as sit outside when the weather is nice,” stated Kayla. Ethan (IT Analyst, Columbus) said that his job allows him to move around during the day. “I like the variety of work and locations, and it’s nice not to be stuck at my workstation all day.”


How does technology impact your work experience?

“Technology influences every aspect of my job,” said Ethan. “Not only fixing technology, but experimenting with new technologies like touchscreen monitors and virtual reality. It keeps me engaged and relevant.” The Future Workforce Study found that 68% of Millennials are willing to use augmented and virtual reality products in their professional life and 70% agree that their job could be made easier with the help of artificial intelligence. Yasameen believes, “If you’re not happy with where you’re at, you’ll switch jobs.” In fact, 42% of those surveyed by Dell and Intel said they would quit their job if their workspace didn’t meet their technology needs.

How important to you is a great associate experience?

The study found that 55% of Millennials say their job is just something they do to pay the bills. Ethan said, “A great associate experience keeps a job from becoming just a job.” Kayla reiterated this. “It’s very important. You spend so much of your day at work and if you’re not enjoying it, that’s going to reflect in your work.”

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What about Continental Office made you want/choose to work here?

“I always say to people that Continental Office is a ‘large small business.’ It has a smaller community feel but with the capabilities of a large corporation,” said Ethan. “I had an idea of what I was walking into because I was an intern here first,” responded Kayla. “Working in a Living Office is exciting and it’s something I wanted to be a part of.” And for Yasameen, the answer was simple, “Continental Office pays attention to what employees want.”

To learn more about what millennials want from you, watch the video below.

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