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Framery: Your Soundproof, Solitary, Space-Making Solution



You need to make a phone call, but you don't want to disturb the whole office. You need a soundproof space to work or call from, but that just doesn't exist in your current area (or at least, not without leaving the building). Maybe you need a quick team huddle, virtually or in-person, and you don't want others to overhear, to disrupt anyone else, or to be disturbed by ambient noises.

We've all been there, and fortunately, we have the perfect solution for any space in any industry! Welcome to the stage: Framery. Framery Acoustics' products are able to easily transform how your space works for you, giving you more utility and function in a compact package! Here are some of our favorite Framery features:



Framery's products are the perfect solution to the concern of sound in your space, whether it's too much or too little. Their soundproof design makes them a great space to have a sensitive phone call or get work done quietly, both without disturbing others in your space and without being disturbed by outside noises. 

Framery's combination of felt and wool fabrics play a role in the unique soundproof design that encapsulates the user and provides a truly private space. Framery O comes with a display bracket to attach a screen, making private video calls a breeze!  


Helping Your Team Through COVID-19

Of course, your team's health and safety is top priority and fortunately, Framery's products are well-equipped to help your team stay safe and healthy through COVID-19!

Their isolated design protects both the occupant and the people around them, allowing for both physical privacy in addition to acoustic privacy. Since they're free-standing pieces, these products can also be moved around and reconfigured to be in the right place in your space, wherever you need them most. As we change and adapt through these difficult times, Framery's flexibility will allow your team to change and adapt accordingly, staying as safe and healthy as possible!


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Easy to Clean

Naturally dirt-resistant materials like wool help keep Framery products shining brighter for longer, and they make them easier to clean when the time comes for a full deep cleaning. Many of the materials can be easily sanitized with a quick wipe-down using your favorite cleaning wipes (or better yet, Framery's own specially developed cleaning materials suited perfectly for their products). 

Multiple users? Our cleaning and disinfecting services can help ensure that every product in your space, including Framery Pods, stays healthy and functional for your team, killing the virus that causes COVID-19 and keeping you safe. Reach out to us to see how our team can create a cleaning routine that's customized to your needs and your space!

Ready to learn more about Framery's unique products? Get your FREE, personalized consultation about Framery for your space, and download the free guide detailing how Framery can help fight COVID-19 in your space!

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