Today's Modern Office: It's Alive!

George Nelson, Herman Miller's former design director famous for the marshmallow sofa (among other iconic funriture pieces), said:

"Design is a response to social change."

Today, work is social. And smart companies know that workspaces are business tools that reinforce your core values and reflect your culture and brand.

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Thoughts on the Changing World of Work

After reading, “The Great Debate: Not Even a Question” by Eva Hagberg-Fisher of Herman Miller, I have some newfound thoughts on the changing world of work we live in.

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6 New Ways Workspaces are Being Planned for Workers

Measuring performance is essential not only to your bottom line, but it greatly affects workspace environment. In fact, Herman Miller recently cited an article that states by 2017, organizations that track metrics will increase profitability by 20 percent.

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What is the Living Office?

For years, going to work meant going to work. Work stayed at work. Typewriters stayed on desks. Rotary phones didn't move.

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