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More Things You Didn't Know About Our Creative Associates


It pays to invest in creativity at work. Three in four people believe there’s an increasing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work. Yet, more than half say there’s an increasing expectation to think creatively at work. The most successful and innovative companies are the ones that generate better ideas faster. When companies encourage and support creative thinking and creative work, the results are powerful. We recently interviewed three more of our freakishly creative associates to find out how expressing personal creativity makes a difference in their lives.

Operations Director

Jon drummingHow long have you been a drummer for? 21 years.
Do you write your own music? I have in the past, but not currently.
What inspired you to pursue this particular talent? My father. He has a degree in voice and encouraged me to pursue music from a young age.
Do you feel that creativity helps you in your role? Absolutely! Everyday has a new challenge or adventure and a little creativity can go a long way.
Do you want to expand upon your talent in the future? I would love to learn piano, however, unlike my hands and feet with drumming my fingers refuse to work independently!
What's another talent you'd like to pursue? I also enjoy woodworking and am in the process of completing a home wood shop!

Account Executive

Hugh's printsHow long have you been an artist for? Ever since I was a kid and my grandfather would let me make things in his basement woodshop. I have been designing and making things ever since.
What does this entail? I really like to modify designs and create things from simple objects like a stool I made using an 80 lb. bag of concrete, bolts and 2 x 4's - to carving a woodblock to make prints for Pelotonia fundraising.
What inspired you to pursue this particular talent? My mom's painting and my grandfather's craftsmanship and a suggestion from my high school art teacher and a high school mechanical drawing teacher.
Do you feel that creativity helps you in your role? Yes, creativity is at the core of many aspects of business. Finding opportunity where there was no known's a must and everyone has ideas.
Do you feel that creativity is an important skill to bring to the workplace? It adds character and surprise to the monotony of day to day tasks. It also offers improvements to process and can make work fun.
Do you want to expand upon your talents in the future? I am always looking and learning. My next focus is a little home improvement and renovations.
What's another talent you'd like to pursue? I plan to run a marathon this year. I have biked and run a bunch, but a marathon has been on my radar for a while. I think this is the year.

Account Services & Procurement Director

Beth and her son meeting an Irish bandWhat's a hibernophile? A hibernophile is a person who's fond of Irish culture and Ireland in general.
What does this entail? I've been attending Irish festivals since I was a kid. 
My family and I attend both the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Irish festivals every year. The festivals are filled with all of the Irish traditions, lots of music, dancing, Gaelic football games, food, shopping, and of course, plenty of cold beer. It's fun to meet with the performers and share their passion for the Irish culture. My son now is a member of the youth Pittsburgh Celtics Gaelic football team and my daughter performs with the Burke-Conroy School of Irish Dance. We also help to fundraise and participate in the yearly Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day parade, which is the 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the world.
What inspired you to pursue this? Having strong Irish roots, my brothers and I were brought up listening to Irish music and attended many festivals. Both my grandfather and husband came over from Ireland in search of work when they were young adults. After I married, we have traveled to Ireland many times. We love visiting with family and exploring the country. Ireland is absolutely beautiful.
Do you feel that creativity helps you in your role? Absolutely. I constantly have to juggle multiple taks at the same time, while dealing with both internal and external customers. Time management, creativity, and a positive attitude are the keys to success.
Do you feel that creativity is an important skill to bring to the workplace? Yes, our business is constantly changing. You have to adapt and continue to grow. Always look for ways to improve. Look for ways to motivate yourself and others.
Do you want to expand upon this in the future? I hope my children will continue to embrace their Irish heritage and pass in onto their children.
What's another talent you'd like to pursue? I'd like to learn how to play the bodhran (an Irish drum).

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