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Nick Magoto is the EVP, Design at Continental Office. He has over three decades of industry experience.

Using Adaptive Reuse to Tell Your Brand Story

If these walls could talk, what would they say? Transforming older buildings and repurposing them into something new, known as adaptive reuse, is the latest buzz-worthy renovation trend that is influencing how we look at design.

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What Work-Life Balance Means Today

The concept of “work-life balance” is changing. We used to think of it as simply making sure we spent as much time doing things outside of work, called “life”, as we did at work. However, the concept is now shifting to incorporate “life” as part of the work day. Workplace environments today are designing places and spaces that facilitate positive associate and client experiences, and blending fun into the environment itself to help foster productivity and creativity.

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Designing Offices in the Era of the Internet of Things

Attracting new talent is one of the great challenges of our time. It’s becoming harder than ever to recruit and retain associates that do great work. The office of the past could look and feel the same for years and you didn’t have to worry about losing your staff. Today, I’m finding that in order for companies to be successful at drawing in and keeping top talent, they must distance themselves from traditional corporate America and focus on providing the best design and resources possible.

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Are You at Home or the Office?

More and more, the line is blurring between residential and commercial design. One noticeable change I’m seeing on both sides today is the reuse of materials in unique and interesting ways. Things we’re used to seeing in residential design, like industrial elements or repurposed materials in the home, are now making their way into commercial office environments.

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How Can a Workspace Impact Creativity?

It’s hard to imagine that one’s workplace can affect their creativity, but the truth is it does.

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