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Luciano is a DIRTT champion at Continental Office. He has undergraduate & professional degrees in architecture from Miami University and the Savannah College of Art & Design, and extensive experience in the design and space planning industries.

It Doesn’t Get Faster or Easier Than DIRTT Prefab Construction

How long does it take to have something custom-built? Obviously it depends on the product itself, but the larger it is often the longer it takes. What if you could have an entire space custom-built to your needs in less than a month? That’s the power of prefab construction!

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Take a Tour of a DIRTT Healthcare Lab!

When you finish a healthcare construction project, you’ll likely ask yourself:

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6 Signs You Should Be Building Better Interior Construction with DIRTT

DIRTT is a prefabricated construction solution that helps you build better regardless of industry. It's an approach to interior construction that allows you to customize aesthetic, technological, and application specific layers so your space reflects your needs.

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The Future of Healthcare Facilities: A Case Study

Healthcare continues to evolve. Today's medical professionals have to create spaces that are flexible to meet changing demands. In addition, few sectors have to be as responsive and responsible as healthcare. Patients range from newborns to seniors. The industry responds daily to injuries, illnesses, and preventative health care. In short, they never stop working for us.

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What You Should Know About Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is one of the world's most used and talked about but least understood words. What it means to be called sustainable can often be clouded or misinterpreted, because it's so widely used. For most, it's the preservation of the environment, and building better by reducing the number of resources required. To some it goes as far as social progress to stable economic growth and the elimination of poverty.

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Staying on a Construction Schedule: A Case Study

Whether you're the one building it or the one who's working in it once complete, most of us have asked ourselves, "How do I stay on schedule with my construction project?" Remember our post about the future of construction? In it we learned the 3 things most say after a construction project is done are:

  1. It took longer than I thought.
  2. It cost more than I thought.
  3. The quality isn't as high as I'd anticipated.
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