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Build an Entire Space Quicker Than Ordering a Chair


Let’s go shopping for your dream workspace. What’s inside? Floor to ceiling glass walls for an open office feel? A chestnut mezzanine where you greet your clients? Let’s ring up your choices and see exactly how your finished space takes form and precisely how much it will cost. The best part—your space is completed faster than it takes to order a chair.

No, this isn’t a pitch for a new HGTV show. It’s prefabricated construction—our not-so-secret superpower that puts traditional construction timelines to shame.

That’s why we’re a DIRTT partner. DIRTT is a clean, prefabricated construction company with an adaptive approach, providing environmental solutions to rapid construction with total design freedom.


So what makes DIRTT the prefab construction solution of the future? By using virtual reality and video game technology, we are able to see the big picture. From start to finish, everything is editable and instantly calculated into the exact parts, pieces, connections and pricing.

“The main benefit to working with a prefab construction solution is that you’re going to get schedule savings, cost certainty and a fit and finish that is consistent—that has quality and that flexibility for that future you can’t predict.” — Kelly Green, DIRTT Environmental Solutions Representative

With this real time design vision, errors and deficiencies are scaled down to less than one percent. Not only does this lead to quicker edits and faster quotes, but it means projects are delivered in three to four weeks rather than the industry standard of 12 weeks. With prefab construction solutions, we are able to flip the ratio of traditional construction, making projects happen quicker and easier than ever before.

Additionally, DIRTT prefabricated construction solutions aren’t delivered in a million pieces like that IKEA bookcase in your living room. DIRTT's environmental solutions arrive on-site fully assembled to simply attach into place. Furthermore, it can be readily reconfigured over time as your business grows or changes.

This decrease in overall labor combined with DIRTT virtual reality technology truly make interior prefab  construction solutions a game changer. With DIRTT you’re not only building better—you’re efficiently turning your dream space into a reality. And to us, that’s a superpower.

Want to start building better? Download our ebook to learn more about the world of DIRTT and prefabricated construction.