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Taylor is a Senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Marketing, and has been interning at Continental Office during the summer of 2019.

Is the Employee Experience Gen Z's Biggest Worry When it Comes to the Workplace?

We talk a lot about the importance of the associate experience. It's important to create a positive one. That's why the associate experience is our #1 priority here at Continental Office. It affects all generations, but, in speaking with Gen Z specifically, they have some concerns. In fact, they have expressed a bit of apprehension that their future work environment won't reflect their own ethics and values. But why? A major source of this uneasiness is some believe there will be differences in ethics and morals across generations. See what our own interns, including myself,  from The Ohio State University have to say. 

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Gen Z: What They Really Think About the Workplace

Who is Gen Z? Are they really that different than other generations in the workplace? Do we need to plan differently and consider what their expectations will be as they continue to enter the full-time workforce? The answer is undoubtedly yes! It’s an exciting time, because for the first time in modern history, five generations now coexist in the workplace. In fact, by next year, Gen Z will account for 20% of the workforce. We spoke with our Gen Z interns from The Ohio State University to get their take on entering the workforce and how they think about space. 

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