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Mark White is the co-author of "What’s in Your Space?" along with Dwight Carter and Gary Sebach. He is a school leadership and training consultant. Previously, he was the director of education and outreach at Mindset Digital, the AP academic principal of the International Department of the Beijing National Day School, and the superintendent of the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. During his 32-year career, he was also an assistant superintendent, high school principal, assistant principal, high school English teacher and department head, and band director.

How Successful Schools Create Space for Gen Z

As I travel around the country talking with educators about learning space redesign, I hear of some schools successfully transitioning into 21st century learning spaces while others are struggling. In the successful schools the educators are seeing positive results in the new spaces; in the other schools the educators are becoming frustrated. In some cases they are even facing opposition. So I began to ask myself, “What are the common points I’m seeing in the schools that are successful? What do educators need to know to accomplish this shift?” Here are some answers.

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Q&A with Mark White, Co-Author of "What's in Your Space?"

We recently had the chance to sit down with the renowned school leadership and training consultant, Mark White, to pick his brain about education reform and the changing classroom design landscape. Below is our conversation.

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