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A Discussion on Nature in the Workplace


Our latest designers discussion focused on the infusion of nature into office environments. We wanted to know why biophilic design, which centers around bringing the outside indoors, is a rising trend in the workplace and how keeping healthy at work impacts performance and drives productivity.

What are some benefits to integrating nature or natural elements, materials, and patterns into design? Why is natural light so important in a space? How can any company bring the outdoors in, regardless of budget? These questions and more are what our designers are talking about and navigating in workspaces today.

Besides more natural elements like plants and hardwood floors, our designers mentioned a lot of things found in an office that you might not find naturally but still make you feel like you’re outside. Things like carpet or strings of lights can mimic patterns and colors found in nature or can be found outdoors, such as on a patio. Additionally, these things are not only reminders of the outdoors but of home which also helps to connect people to a space.

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When budgets are tight, our designers agreed there are lots of options for bringing nature into a space. Even something like reconfiguration can help to unblock windows or bring in as much natural light as physically possible. Or you can organically create pathways in a space that are based on nature. Products that mimic natural elements, known as biomimicry, can look practically natural and usually come at lower price points.

Breaking down the boundaries imposed by a typically unnatural interior environment can open up the possibilities to experiment with unique shapes and styles, and can soften up spaces. It allows you to provide different experiences and reconnect from the inside out. You can watch the entire discussion by clicking below or read about our previous discussion by clicking here.

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