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Infinitely flexible work environments

NxtWall is the sustainable solution you’ve been looking for

NxtWall is a unique approach to a floor to ceiling solution that differs from the pre-manufactured, demountable wall systems of the past. These solutions are made to be field adaptable and use a simplified framing approach, which gives you extreme flexibility. With NxtWall, it’s easy to partition off an interior space without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Flexible, Sustainable, Complete Wall System

The NxtWall Flex Office Wall System offers flexibility and options you won’t see in most modular office partitions. We understand that you want to be cost efficient and be able to quickly update your space to meet your needs. That’s why we offer NxtWall’s removable, movable and reusable office walls that expand and contract making it a true drywall replacement. It’s a smart, budget-friendly choice that grows and flexes when you do.

Glass Clerestory and Sidelight

If you’re looking for natural light, clerestory interior walls and sidelight panels are a perfect way to bring exterior light into your interior space. Both options are a simple way to use daylight and save energy, while also retaining the feel of solid walls. However, we know that each workplace culture is different so we offer office wall systems that are completely modular and integrate for a multitude of configurations. Because they’re all completely demountable and reusable, it’s a simple process to swap out a glass sidelight panel for a solid panel and vice versa.

NxtWall Creates Opportunities


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