Tucked into the rolling landscape of Morgantown, WV, you'll find the brand-new home for a burgeoning business: NovelKeys. With the help of both our branding and furniture design teams, we brought this space to life with furniture and design that's as colorful and modern as their team, all with the functionality and ergonomics to keep them powered up and feeling their best!

Gorgeous Herman Miller furniture can be found throughout the space, along with a branded keyboard wall installation that beautifully showcases just some of what NovelKeys can create. Not many can say they hold productive, comfortable meetings at a piece that doubles as a ping pong table, but that's just the sort of out-of-the-box, fun thinking that makes NovelKeys such a special space. Check it out, and learn more about NovelKeys here!

Project Overview:

Industry: Corporate

Space Type: Meeting, Social, Heads-Down

Expertise: Furniture, Branding

novelkeys keyboard display vertical
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