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We specialize in creating spaces that inspire creativity through office furniture, commercial floors, prefabricated interior construction, walls, experiential design, and workplace services.

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Floors for every function

Complement your workspace from the ground up with a wide variety of flooring. From carpet to hard surfaces, we’ll help you find the right solution for your environment.

Your space is literally built from the ground up. While the foundation of your business may be your people, you want them to walk proudly in it. That’s why we work to create custom flooring options that work with your space, not against it. From the point of entry to your final destination, there are hundreds of options we’ll help you select by working closely with you to identify the right flooring material based on your foot traffic and business needs.

Our partnership with leading manufacturers including Mohawk, Tandus Centiva, Interface, and more, will help you create an intentional flooring design with your business needs in mind. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we’ll help you throughout your floor’s lifecycle to maximize your flooring investment.

Floor Maintenance Philosophies
You'll Be Floored to Know What Floors Can Do
The ABCs of Commercial Floors

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