Ohio Statehouse

Our Ohio Statehouse floors project is a story over 20 years in the making.

We recently installed three different types of carpet in the landmark building, in both the House and Senate chambers. In 1995, we had installed a custom woven carpet designed by a historical/architectural consultant to match what the carpet looked like there in the 1800s.

Over two decades later when it was time to change the carpet, tweaks were made to increase the authenticity of the pattern from the 19th century. The manufacturer of the carpet in 1995 was now out of business so we scoured the globe in search of one that could still make this unique carpet, and we found our match in Ireland. The newly updated carpet contains 29 different colors in an intricate design, and the person who installed it this time around had also done so the first time around!

Project Overview:

Industry: Government

Space Type: Meeting

Expertise: Floors

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