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How Financing Can Help You Build a Better Office


Designing a new or remodeled office can be kind of a rollercoaster. First, there’s that long, stuttering climb toward a firm decision to take action. Then suddenly you’re on top in the sunlight, surveying the glowing possibilities spread before you like candles on a birthday cake.

This doesn’t last long.

After a brief, glorious look at the horizon of what’s possible, you hurtle back to the land of what’s budgetable. In the best of all worlds, there wouldn’t be much difference. In practice, there usually is. But with the right financing solution, you can narrow the gap and build an office with everything you need and a lot of what you want with the budget you have. Here’s how.

Start Working With a Finance Company Early

An equipment finance company should offer more than just a way to pay for office furniture and fixtures. Herman Miller Financial Solutions will happily consult with you throughout the process of choosing and acquiring your solution. From the start, you’ll be confident that what you’re designing fits your budget. Even better, your Herman Miller Financial Solutions representative will almost certainly have options that can substantially boost your buying power and open up possibilities you may not have considered.

Don’t Think You Have to Stick
to Standard Terms

Many people assume financing equipment is like financing a car: you choose a term and a down payment amount, and then you make equal monthly payments over the span of the agreement. While equipment financing can work that way, it doesn’t have to. In fact, you can take advantage of a variety of customizations, including seasonal and step payment plans, to meet your budget needs and business goals. And in most cases, you won’t even need to make a down payment, which can really help with cash flow.

Finance Your Soft Costs, Too

Speaking of cash, equipment financing can help you keep more of it free to grow your business by allowing you to finance the soft costs associated with your solution. For instance, Herman Miller Financial Solutions can include delivery, installation, design services, maintenance agreements, and other costs in your agreement rather than leaving you to pay those costs upfront with cash that can be better used elsewhere.

Plan for Growth

The needs of a growing business today won’t be the same as tomorrow’s needs. Ask your Herman Miller Financial Solutions representative for an agreement that allows you to easily add new desks, chairs, partitions, and more at any time with little more than a phone call and an adjustment to your payment amount.

Take Advantage of Section 179 Benefits

Current IRS Section 179 rules allow businesses to deduct from taxable income the full amount of up to one million dollars in qualifying furniture, equipment, and other business property. Depending on your filing situation, taking the Section 179 deduction can amount to an effective discount of up to 37 percent on your office space solution. Check with your tax professional for details.

What’s Possible for Your Office?

Financing can be as important to your new or remodeled workspace as the furniture and fixtures. Whether you’re still in the consideration phase or ready to take the plunge, enlist the help of the equipment finance professionals at Herman Miller Financial Solutions for options that can mean more choice, more control, and more power to build a better office.


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