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Rachel Iannarino is the VP, Marketing at Continental Office. She has been with the team for four years and has a background in consumer, pharmaceutical, and B2B marketing.

What Will Construction Look Like in 30 Years?

While the digital revolution has changed the way we work and build, the Engineering and Construction (E&C) sector has historically been slower to adopt new technologies than other industries. However, given today's factors like stricter environmental requirements, a shortage of labor, and clients who demand cost certainty, the Construction sector needs to evolve. And this crucial transformation will rely heavily on new advances in technology to do so.

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6 New Ways Workspaces are Being Planned for Workers

Measuring performance is essential not only to your bottom line, but it greatly affects workspace environment. In fact, Herman Miller recently cited an article that states by 2017, organizations that track metrics will increase profitability by 20 percent.

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Are You Sitting Smart?


We asked that same question after we visited our friends at National during NeoCon, the most important event of the year for the commercial design industry, earlier this week. While we were in their showroom, we saw Darma Sit Smart technology - the world's first smart cushion that monitors your posture, sitting habits, stress level, and coaches you to sit better, much like wearable technologies.

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DIRTT: Doing It Right This Time

DIRTT, known for modernizing the construction industry, proved they are a lot more than a modular wall system. Their solutions support reconfiguration and feature extreme levels of customization. At NeoCon this year, we saw this demonstrated in a variety of industries including healthcare, corporate, education, and even residential.

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Are You Ready for Today's Classroom?

What makes the 21st century classroom so very different than the conventional style classroom we likely grew up with?

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Workplace Design: What Millennials Want

Let’s face it, interviewing for job opportunities goes both ways these days. Companies are seeking talent and the right cultural fit, and so are candidates. In fact the Gen X and Gen Y generations are so particular that 70% of them plan to change jobs in the near future (according to a recent study by University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School). That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to understand newer generations in the workforce and the environments in which they want to work. The way we’ve been attracting and planning for this talented generation is no longer enough. But do we really know what they want?

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5 Keys To Making Your Wellness Program Successful

Wellness, it's become a buzz word we are quite familiar with today. Especially as it relates to the workplace. Why do employers care so much about what seemingly used to be done in our "off-time" outside of the office? They care because, according to the US Department of Labor, an "epidemic of lifestyle diseases has developed in the US." Unhealthy lifestyles have driven up the prevalence of chronic disease. Things like diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pulmonary conditions have become a major concern leading to decreased quality of life, premature death, and disability, not to mention increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity in the office. 

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Sitting vs. Standing at Work: Does it Really Matter?

We were recently recognized as one of Columbus, Ohio's Healthiest Employers by Columbus Business First. We took some of our Herman Miller healthy office furniture to the awards ceremony at COSI, and had the chance to speak to about 300 of our many friends like you. We were surprised to learn just how many workers in our community aren't aware of the health risks sitting at work all day can cause.
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