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Garry Ruick is President of Floors and Prefab Interior Construction for Continental Office. He has over four decades of industry experience.

Nothing Good Comes from Moisture in Floors

If you’ve been involved in a commercial floors project during the last several years you’ve probably heard some discussion about issues with concrete moisture and moisture vapor emissions. As odd as it sounds, it’s actually a multi-billion dollar annual problem in North America. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”. In fact, it’s one of the largest challenges we face as a flooring contractor.

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From the Ground Up: 3 Steps to Selecting Workplace Flooring

Would you agree that the heart of your workspace starts with flooring?

We're going to guess that your answer is "no."

But, what if we told you it should be? 

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Uncorking Cork Floors

Cork; it's a unique material that we often take for granted. For years, we've used it to post messages on boards and to seal wine bottles. And now it's right under our noses, or rather our feet, in the form of cork floors.

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Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl Tile

The look of a wood floor is a timeless, classic option for organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you choose actual hardwood or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that looks like hardwood, the possibilities of a great wood floor design are possible within your organization. However, knowing what material to select can be a challenge.

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