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Dustin Francis is the Director of Concrete Finishes at Continental Office. He has been in the concrete coatings and polished concrete industry for over three years. Building strong teams with great morale has been his ultimate goal because if you take care of your people then they will take care of the customers.

Are polished concrete floors what you've been dreaming of?

 Do you dream of floors? Beautiful, low-maintenance floors that people will oohhh and ahhh over? Okay, maybe not, but whether we realize it or not, floors are a big part of our everyday life. In fact, chances are your feet are on one right now or will soon be! So why are we seeing more and more polished concrete floors in the flooring industry whether it's commercial, residential or even industrial? 

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A Cold, Hard Look at Concrete

Over the past decade, polished concrete has been slowly disrupting the commercial floors industry and for good reason. Namely, it’s aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and easy to maintain. It’s at least a $300 million industry today.

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