.Herman Miller Zeph Chair by Continental Office

Designed by Studio 7.5

Meet Zeph
The latest and greatest from Herman Miller

The Zeph Chair finds a happy home between midcentury modern aesthetics and the
research-backed ergonomics of today’s work chairs. Its advanced yet simple design offers
more for less—more comfort, colors, and style—made with fewer components and at a price
that makes it the perfect entrée into the world of Herman Miller performance seating.




A classic silhouette with modern ergonomics


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Move with the Kinematic Monoshell

Setting out to animate a shell chair—not an easy feat—the designers at Studio 7.5 used 3D printing to iterate through prototypes of the monoshell until they achieved what they deem a gold standard in ergonomics: a recline that feels natural in a chair that moves with you. The geometry of the design allows your body’s pivot points to create the right counterbalance for a proper ergonomic sit—an experience that leaves you feeling supported and energized as you move in the chair, and about your day.



Change it up with 3D Knit

The chair’s optional, removable, and interchangeable 3D Knit easily slides directly into the shell, no tools required, and can be swapped out for one of the other 20 textile color choices if your space needs a refresh. Plus, it’s made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled content, and because it’s knitted to the chair’s exact dimensions, there’s zero fabric waste.

Find joy in color
The playful eight-color palette for the Zeph Chair's shell and base was designed to
complement and enliven the home, office, college campus, or anywhere in between—
allowing youto get creative in pairing the chair with your unique sense of style.
Enjoy the return of dipped-in-color, one hue from top to bottom,
which debuted on Zeph's predecessor, Cosm.

The story behind Zeph
Berlin-based Studio 7.5 found the initial inspiration for the Zeph Chair with the help of
the students at the universities where they teach. Eventually, their iterative design process
led to an entry-level chair that doesn't compromise comfort or style, and one that bridges the gap
between Herman Miller’s iconic mid-century designs and the ergonomics of today’s work chairs.
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