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We specialize in creating spaces that inspire creativity through office furniture, commercial floors, prefabricated interior construction, walls, experiential design, and workplace services.

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From the beginning

We got our start way back in 1939 when Leo Eiferman founded Continental Office, which was then known as Continental Office Supply, in downtown Columbus. The world was going through great change during this era, and Leo saw his opportunity for the American dream – and we are so glad he took it.

Over the years, other partners came along, each with their own vision for the growing business. Ernie Stern joined in 1947, John Lucks in 1956, Jack Lucks in 1961, and finally Leo’s own son, Frank Kass, joined in 1965. Each partner played a critical role in growing Continental Office into the forward-thinking organization we are today. In 2005, Ira Sharfin joined as CEO and recruited President and COO, Kyle Johnson.

Today, we’ve evolved to offer furniture, floors, concrete finishes, prefab construction, branding, and services. The creativity that was born in 1939 and instilled in us over the past 75+ years, allows us to see things a bit differently. We believe that when collaboration thrives and functionality flourishes by design, businesses grow, communities prosper, and anything is possible. We may have started out in the office supply industry, but we’re fortunate and humbled to be recognized as a trusted, industry leading expert in the workspace category.

From the Beginning


Branding Your Space:

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