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What is a Platinum Dealer?

Every year, MillerKnoll recognizes their dealer partners in a tiered award system. Success is measured in four different areas of business: Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Finance. The better all of those components work together, the higher the tier they earn.

At the top of that tiered list is the Platinum distinction, given to the top dealers in North America. Since its inception, Continental Office has consistently earned their spot in this elite group.

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Certified Dealer Network

In addition to being recognized highly in the MillerKnoll Dealer Excellence program, Continental Office is a member of the Certified Dealer Network.  The CDN is group of nearly 50 top dealer locations that must meet the same rigorous requirements to earn and maintain network affiliation.

This connects us to dealerships across North America, enabling our team to handle projects of all sizes, even those covering multiple locations. So no matter how complex or expansive your project may be, we can provide you with a single resource for a fully-coordinated and seamless process.