Meeting Space

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For broad gatherings, meeting spaces allow a group of people to come to the table. This space can be open or fully closed and accommodates 8–10 people. It’s likely there will be a large table or clustered tables. Whiteboards and interactive and/or remote video technology are common in meeting spaces.

Workshop Space


This get-together space is designed for collaboration and creative thinking. It’s a bit more informal than a meeting space, but can still accommodate large or small groups. It’s a safe area to discuss anything and everything, so comfortable furniture, whiteboards, and video technology are musts.

Heads Down Space


This is a space where you can plug in solo and put the pedal to the metal. Get 100% focused on the work at hand and crank out real progress. This results-driven space contains amenities where you can dock and plug in your headphones for contemplation completely free of distractions.

Caring Space


These calming spaces encompass patient and waiting rooms in the healthcare industry. Being caring means they are open and inviting and they allow patients and/or their loved ones the ability to plug in. Whether you want to watch a video or get absorbed in a good paperback, this is the place to relax and heal.

Social Space


Social spaces inspire fun and creativity and are places to get re-energized. They can be cafés, reception areas, game rooms, or even standing spaces to gather and chat. They are often open and contain experiential graphics and/or other elements to spark new ideas.

Quiet Time Space


Get focused in a space that allows you to get away and contemplate. It’s perfect for thoughtful and even confidential work. This space can be either open or fully enclosed. When open, the furniture is arranged to convey a sense of privacy.

Learning Space


K–12 and higher education spaces encourage learning at a level like never before. Participation and collaboration with the instructors are critical, and these spaces need to be flexible to accommodate movement. Just as important is the need to integrate technology within these 21st-century classrooms.

Athletic Space

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Athletic facilities, including stadium concourses and halls of fame, tell their stories through experiential graphics to promote recruiting and build team spirit. From interactive technology displays to complete stadium takeovers, experiential graphics are fun, creative ways to energize your team and crowd.