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We specialize in creating spaces that inspire creativity through office furniture, commercial floors, prefabricated interior construction, walls, experiential design, and workplace services.

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Services that maximize your workplace investment

Buying furniture is just the first step. We offer a variety of services to help you throughout your workspace lifecycle and make the most of your investment.

We’re creative problem-solvers with a dedicated team of experts who’ll help you maximize your asset utilization within your environment. Our knowledgeable onsite and offsite support teams work with all manufacturers. And, to ensure you get the best possible customer service, we leverage a broad network of providers throughout the US and Canada to find the right solutions to fit your needs. 

In fact, we’re so deeply invested in your customer experience, we’ve created proprietary technology-enabled processes that allow you real-time access anytime to find the answers you need when you need them.  We’ll help you achieve your goals through:

  • Asset inventory management (AIM)
  • Design and space planning
  • Installation
  • Move and project management 
  • Move, add, change (MAC)
  • Warranty and repair 
  • Workplace audits
  • Rentals 
  • Buyback, recycle and dispose
  • Client services technology

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A Corporate Moving Guide
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