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As the demand for attracting and retaining top talent increases, space matters more than ever. Our research has shown that choice and flexibility in the spaces people work has a strong influence on performance and overall happiness. Not being tethered down to a single area but having a choice in where you sit is vital. The right space inspires creativity and promotes a thriving culture. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the functional space experts, offering quality and ergonomic furnishings, custom flooring options, quality interior construction solutions, and memorable branded environments. If you’re coveting the perfect space, you’ve come to the right place.

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Creating the ideal space takes a lot of planning and conception. If you’re just getting started, we’ll listen and work with you to develop a solid strategy for your ideal space. Because every business has unique requirements, we’ll get to know your business and your people so we can help fulfill each specific need.

Let’s Get Creative


Once a solid plan is in place, the building phase begins. Our process allows our creative team and the manufacturing team to work seamlessly with our installation team—that’s how we’re able to achieve optimal results. We can help you build better and faster, no matter where you are in the process. Our team of skilled associates is ready to step in, partner with you, and keep the project going smoothly.

Let’s Build Something Special


Something people often overlook is the need to maintain their space. Whether it's asset inventory management, moves, adds, and changes, or even workplace audits, we've created technology-enabled processes that will allow you real-time access to your projects throughout your space's lifecycle. Or, if you're simply buying new floors, furnishings, or additional walls, we can provide professional maintenance, repairs, or upgrades as you need them. Planning a maintenance and long-term service program might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you create your space, but that’s the secret to keeping it looking good and performing its best for years to come.  Not only will you be protecting your investment, but you’ll also get the most bang for your buck throughout your space's lifecycle.

Let’s Maintain My Space

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We Value Our History and Architectural Heritage

We’ve been creating dynamic, functional spaces for our clients for a long time—since 1939, in fact! During that span of time, we’ve maintained a nearly perfect customer satisfaction rating. We’re very proud of this accomplishment and grateful for the relationships we have built. When it comes to furniture, floors, interior construction, branding, or anything else spatially, our team has the combined knowledge to create the ideal space for you and your staff.

Let’s See the Work


"The delivery and repair guys were polite, professional in working and set up, and did not disturb the office. What I like about [Continental] is knowledge of the product, competitive pricing, and the ability to deliver and support those products."

"To me, the most impressive part of [Continental] is unequivocally the warehouse staff. Their attitude and work ethic really impressed me, and my experience with them – along with your fantastic prices – guarantee that I will be a customer in the future."

"Continental Delivers Big! The team at Continental delivered at every step in the process; From the concept to the design, and throughout the installation. Continental was incredibly collaborative, responsive, and creative. They helped us think outside the box and delivered a design that truly elevated our space. We couldn’t be more pleased!"

"Continental Office helped us at Ohio Dominican transform and revitalize our gymnasium, Alumni Hall. They collaborated with us on our vision for the space and turned it into a reality. The feedback we have received has been tremendous. It truly has made a positive impact on our entire campus community and we couldn't be more excited with the end result."

"We had a great experience with Continental Office. They helped Rumpke achieve its design goals of a professional and simple workspace."

"Thank you for your assistance with the installation of new carpet for our theater. Your team did what they said they would do, on time, with great professionalism, and excellent customer service. Moreover, the end product is beautiful."

"Our Montour Elementary school conference room furniture looks great, and everyone is very happy with it. The delivery team was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful."








Client Satisfaction
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What Sets Us Apart

What puts us on another level above our competitors is our approach. No matter what stage of development you're in, from conception to completion, our team of industry experts can step in and build or even reconfigure your space. We can also help you plan for future growth and make repairs or create a not-so-routine maintenance program ideally suited to your needs and specifications.

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Finally, a
Full-Service Company You Can Count On

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Furnishings with Function

Let’s face facts: The workplace isn’t changing; it’s already changed. Today, it’s all about freedom of choice and flexibility. Standing up or sitting down, most people like to have options for where they sit and move throughout the day, constantly seeking flexible settings that adjust to the tasks at hand. We believe your space should feature furnishings that not only look impressive but are functional as well. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best brands in the business, including The Herman Miller Group and Restoration Hardware, just to name a couple. We’ll furnish your space with an array of attractive solutions that encourage proper ergonomics and foster greatness.

Let’s Find Some Furnishings

Floors from the Ground Up

Your floor is the foundation of your workspace. We offer hundreds of custom flooring options. From carpet to vinyl or concrete to ceramic tile, we’ll help you select the ideal surface based on your foot traffic and business needs.

Floor Me with Flooring Options

Superior Interior Construction

We partner with DIRTT, a revolutionary technology-driven, clean construction company. DIRTT uses an adaptive approach to provide environmentally friendly construction that offers total design freedom while mitigating risks. The common term for this service is prefabricated construction and it’s our not-so-secret superpower that supports our construction partners while reducing timelines and providing the highest quality solutions.

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Let Your Space Tell Your Story

Let us help you showcase your unique culture with a branded environment that tells your story within your space. By putting an emphasis on brand strategy, graphic design, interior design, architecture, and fabrication, we’ll not only create the ideal space—we’ll make it memorable.

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We Not Only Talk It — We Walk It

It’s not only about work and space—it’s about community too. We’re committed to helping our communities prosper with our Continental Cares initiative. That’s why you’ll find us giving back in many forms: health and wellness, art education and creativity, youth and family needs, and contributions towards environmental sustainability.

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