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Uncorking Cork Floors


Cork; it's a unique material that we often take for granted. For years, we've used it to post messages on boards and to seal wine bottles. And now it's right under our noses, or rather our feet, in the form of cork floors.

Cork flooring isn't exactly new. It's been around for almost a century, but now has a new focus on environmental sustainability, and markedly noticeable improvements in aesthetics and overall product quality.

It can be an economical and efficient choice for the workplace because this type of flooring offers several advantages. Before you make the decision to switch to cork floors, here's what you need to know:

1. Cork floors are environmentally sustainable. If you're looking for an eco-friendly option, cork flooring may be a good choice for your workplace. Cork floors come from the Cork oak tree (quercus suber) and its byproduct (bark) can be harvested without much impact on the species. Cork flooring is often developed from the leftover scraps of wine corks. If you're looking to create an environmentally conscious space and to reduce your impact on the environment, cork might be right for you.

2. Cork has sound absorbing properties. For busy offices or open workplaces, cork flooring can be a great alternative to carpet where sound absorption may be needed. Air within the cork serves as a sponge and absorbs sound as people walk and talk, lessening the volume in any room. This can add another level of protection against unwanted auditory distractions in open environments.

3. Cork must be maintained. Like most varieties of flooring, each has their own nuances when it comes to maintenance and care, especially in a commercial setting. Cork must be sealed and cleaned in a certain way in order to ensure its longevity. It can be porous, which may not be ideal in healthcare settings or other areas where there is an abundance of moisture.

Cork floors require a certain level of care, but with the right tools and maintenance, these floors can be a sustainable, long-term solution for many commercial environments.

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