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The Most Important Thing to Make "Work From Home" Work for You


Aeron for Home

For many of us, working from home is a new concept. Perhaps we were occasionally allowed a day here and there to work remotely, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a major shift in attitude surrounding working from home.

Our recent Return to Work Survey showed us that, of our 420+ respondents, 67% of C-level leaders said COVID-19 has changed their perception of working from home and are planning to have all/some of their employees work from home from now on! With a large portion of the workforce suddenly finding themselves adapting to a new way of working, many were left scrambling to create their own home office solution, creating a dedicated work space where none may have existed before, facing different kinds of challenges that they never saw in the traditional workplace.

How, then, does this new crew of “WFH-ers” stay comfortable, and how are they maintaining – and in some cases, increasing – productivity? Simple: ergonomic furniture. A chair's worth in your space is far beyond aesthetic appeal; chairs like Herman Miller’s Aeron, as recently noted in this Boston Globe article, are designed to provide support to keep you going longer, staying more productive and more efficient throughout the day! Without them, as those newly working from home have quickly discovered, aches and pains can quickly set in. “My neck in back are killing me,” said Maggie Lopes, a Harvard administrator who was initially using a chair she got for free for her home office setup, having previously been accustomed to an ergonomic Aeron in the office. 

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Some of Continental Office's Most Popular "Work From Home" Packages, above

As more and more employers are starting to realize this, some are implementing home office solutions into compensation packages and providing credits for employees to purchase their own furniture! Google is giving employees a $1,000 credit for use on ergonomic home office furniture, as they understand that the more comfortable and well-suited an employee is for their WFH experience, the more productive and efficient they will be.

Continental Office has long known the importance of ergonomic furniture, and our WFH Packages help individual consumers get some of the more common solutions together for their most optimal working experience. Check out our “good/better/best” solutions for your space, and reach out to see how we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

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