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The Future of Healthcare Facilities: A Case Study


Healthcare continues to evolve. Today's medical professionals have to create spaces that are flexible to meet changing demands. In addition, few sectors have to be as responsive and responsible as healthcare. Patients range from newborns to seniors. The industry responds daily to injuries, illnesses, and preventative health care. In short, they never stop working for us.

That's why when Cochrane Community Health Services, in Alberta, Canada, needed to build a new clinic, they envisioned a space that could meet the community's demands better than conventional construction methods. Some of their challenges were being confronted with a shortage of space and evolving space needs in general. They were seeking a long-term solution that would provide flexibility, extreme customization, and cost and time savings.

Here's their story.

Clearly this healthcare facility has found a way to build better and can now adapt their facility as their needs change. The staff couldn't be happier. As for the community, they responded warmly and love the bright new aesthetics.

Want to learn more about the future of healthcare facilties and construction? Download our white paper below.

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