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The Dirt on DIRTT



Here's a dirty secret: DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time. Cool acronym, right? But what does it mean?

Its origins are simple; historically, construction is rigid, noisy, dirty, and a lot of the materials used are not sustainable for the environment. Conventional construction can't always meet your growth requirements, and it can also make upgrading workspace technology cumbersome.

Given some of these constraints, DIRTT as an interior construction option can be an attractive, sustainable, and flexible solution for any space. Here's what you should know about DIRTT:

DIRTT isn't a wall. DIRTT is a complete system that takes into account the unique eccentricities of any interior environment, whether in healthcare, education, or hospitality. The most important takeaway is that it's completely customizable. Want built-in flat screens for presentations? DIRTT does that. Want to write ideas on the entire wall surface? That can be done, too. Want a cafe constructed out of DIRTT millworkDone! The possibilities are endless, but functions to fit your space. DIRTT works for you.

Measure twice, cut once; see it to believe it. In an effort to help designs come to life without developing costly mock-ups, and to allow designers to easily meet customer needs while reducing human error during the design process, DIRTT uses its own proprietary ICE® software to lay out configurations for each interior environment. Once complete, the customer gets a virtual mock-up of what the end result will look like and real-time pricing. After approved, ICE® communicates those designs directly to the production floor for manufacturing. ICE® helps DIRTT reduce errors in the design and manufacturing process, which can save you time and money.

DIRTT's sustainable. Designing with DIRTT as a construction approach allows for a sustainable process from manufacturing to retrofits. The materials DIRTT uses in manufacturing contain recycled content and are easily recyclable or can be modified to address your future needs. With the use of ICE® software, DIRTT can limit the amount of waste that is removed from the construction site by using only the amount of material required to manufacture and install each project. DIRTT also extends the life-expectancy of your space with its “Lego”-like manufacturing and installation process, which also allows for quick modifications, whether small or large.

DIRTT's completely customizable. If your space has a more traditional look or leans more toward mid-century modern, the layouts, finishes, and customizations of DIRTT are endless, including dozens of eco-friendly finishes from paints and fabrics to wood veneers, in a variety of colors. There's something to meet every design need and function, for any business. DIRTT is built-to-specification to meet the constraints of the physical space it resides within, with no standard sizes for designers to adhere to.

DIRTT does more than simply divide space

Between the customizable design solutions and functionality requirements, DIRTT just may be the best solution for your next interior project. Do it right this time.

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